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a question of levels

After watching the news of a 7 year-old who was locked in a closet for three months, I had a brief conversation with She Who Has No Memory of Such Things, this is what I have to purge:

Abuse is abuse is abuse.

Physical, psychological, or emotional, sexual; they all have their nooks and crannies in which they are tucked.

The question I bring forth is this: WHO is allowed to call it abuse; the one handing it out, or the "victim?" What I see as abuse is seen by another as "a lesson learned" or "punishment."

I'm sick of trying to explain that those harmful practices were WAY over the line. Lessons learned and even punishments should NOT leave life-long echoes. Certain everyday words should NOT be triggers leading to remembering things which occurred at age 3. Should they?? I've had my share of therapy, and have learned, (trial by fire) that we will probably never see eye-to-eye on what counts as abusive behavior.

So, I'm left with thinking "It could've been worse." Yeah, it could've, absolutely. But stop denying that it happened at all.
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