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Homophobia contained...

I was wearing my AWOL shirt from this past year (AWOL is the LGBTA group from the college I just graduated from; front: AWOL, Celebrating 10 years; back: Look Ma, it's not a phase!) She asked what AWOL was, I told her, she gave me a look. Then later, called me into the living room and was like 'You won't be able to be as open in MT with stuff like that' (pointing to my shirt) - I told her I wasn't going to hide it. She (again) told me that she wasn't asking me to hide it (just not say anything). And she said something along the lines of 'You're going to be in mountain country - they can take you out there and do what they have to do...' Blah blah blah.

I outright said I had been quiet for too long - I won't 'advertise' but I sure as hell wasn't going to hide in a closet anymore. She decided to not say more, just get huffy. Dad was like 'Just a piece of advice, for you to take or not take.' I said thank you and went back into my room. When she said that ppl 'out there' aren't so accepting, I told her that not everyone out here is so accepting either.

It frustrates me because they know NOTHING about my queer self and to make judgments like that, to say shit like that, not even realizing their own homophobia and the homophobia I've had to deal with HERE - I dunno...
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